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THE GURU With Howard Falco

Jul 14, 2020

Welcome back to THE GURU! Today’s podcast is all about conquering a negative mindset.

Many of us operate from a predominately negative mindset and we may not even know it! This negative energy is extremely destructive and corrosive to the mind, body, and soul. And more often than not, it will creep into what we’re trying to create before we even can notice it and will beat us down to the point where we give up or lose hope.

Turning your negative mindset into a positive one is one of the best things you can do for yourself in order to access your creative power to its greatest capacity. Having a negative mindset is preventing you from living a fulfilling and powerfully creative life.

In this episode, Howard talks about how negative energy comes into your life; how it gets generated in your mind; tips on how to shift this mindset; and how to start welcoming positive energy into your mind and attitude to form what will ultimately become your actions, your thinking, your responses, and your results!

By the end of this podcast, you will know — without a shadow of a doubt — that your mindset, and the quality of the energy with which you look at yourself and the world, is going to be a huge part of your creative power and how you pace time. You will learn how to conquer a negative mindset, recode negative self-limiting beliefs, and understand the key to adopting a positive, healthy mindset.


Key Takeaways

[:49] About today’s episode!

[2:11] The extremely detrimental effects of a negative mindset on our mind, body, and soul.

[4:33] How to begin shifting to a positive mindset (even when you are bombarded with negative energy).

[6:08] The first step to changing a negative mindset: understanding how it came into your life.

[10:57] Where to access Howard’s books on self-empowerment and mindfulness.

[11:51] Regardless of how your negative mindset came to be, you have the power to decide, declare, and demonstrate who you choose to be.

[13:17] Your negative mindset is not true — and here’s why.

[14:11] What positive mindset is and is not.

[15:32] The key to begin shifting away from a negative mindset.

[17:27] The first step to a positive mindset and a fulfilling life: vigilance.

[18:50] The world is going to assault you with a lot of negative energy. Take the time to ask yourself: “Is the input I’m receiving positive or negative?”, “Do I want to be around this input?”, “Is this helpful to me?”, “Do I even want to get bothered by it or affected by it?”

[20:25] The importance of recognizing bad days and taking a moment to let emotions flow and allow for some R&R time.

[22:15] Life is going to test you. Here’s how to not let it beat you down.

[24:43] About Howard’s private coaching sessions for those serious about positively changing their life.

[25:31] The importance of operating from a positive outlook that says, ‘I can and I will get there.’

[26:45] Challenges you will face as you become a more positive person (and how to overcome them).

[32:52] Remember: the closer you get to the goal, the harder life will test you.

[34:00] Reset and recharge: it’s part of the process and it’s okay.

[34:18] Additional pieces you can bring into your life to hold on to positive energy.

[35:54] The best way to change your world: change yourself.

[36:40] Key pieces to being in the same state as peak performers.

[38:04] Howard’s final piece of advice for whenever you’re feeling challenged in life.


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Time in a Bottle: Mastering The Experience of Life, by Howard Falco

The Last Dance (TV Mini-Series, 2020)


About Your Host | Howard Falco

Howard Falco is an author and expert on self-empowerment and mindfulness. He is a mental strength coach to college and professional athletes and those looking for next-level results. His books are: I AM: The Power of Discovering Who You Really Are and Time in a Bottle: Mastering The Experience of Life. His work offers the deepest and most powerful awareness available on self-creation and the mindset for optimal success.


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