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THE GURU With Howard Falco

Mar 9, 2021

This week, Howard is joined by his co-host, Tierney Rae, to welcome on a special guest, Michael Fine — one of Howard’s oldest and dearest friends.

In this episode, Michael is sharing his personal and inspiring story of overcoming tragedy in his life. In 2010, while driving down a two-lane highway on the way to work, a flatbed construction truck crossed the middle line and hit Michael head-on, crushing the whole left side of his car. Michael had no time to react. From the impact, he lost his entire left arm from the shoulder down — but miraculously, he survived.

Today, Michael shares about his life up to that moment, how he survived that tragic incident, and how it has changed his life since then in ways he could never have imagined. This episode is powerful, enlightening, inspiring, and so much more. Michael shares the profound lessons he has learned, and how yoga and the techniques and tools he utilizes to this day keep him on a continuous path forward. He also explains the life-empowering information he holds on how to live the most fulfilling life that you possibly can.

Everybody has [a] choice and you can’t make it for anybody else. It ultimately has to be you.” — Michael Fine


Key Takeaways

[:49] About today’s episode with Howard’s close friend, Michael Fine.

[3:08] Howard welcomes Michael to the podcast.

[3:15] Michael shares the role that Howard has played in his own life.

[3:36] Michael shares about the heroics of one individual who helped save his life during this tragic incident and how they have continued to have a relationship to this day.

[6:58] What was Michael’s first thought when he woke up in the hospital?

[8:45] About Howard’s visit to Michael in the hospital and the beginning of Michael’s road to acceptance.

[10:26] The challenges Michael was going through at the time of his incident and how it spiraled into a deep, dark depression.

[15:49] How Michael began to look for a new way forward after leaving the hospital from his depression spiral.

[19:31] About Howard’s private coaching sessions for those serious about positively changing their life.

[20:17] When and how did Michael begin to really embrace this new sense of normalcy?

[23:25] Michael describes what it is like to live with phantom pain and what he has tried to address it.

[26:05] Michael’s journey with yoga and how it has helped him both mentally and physically.

[36:31] How your inner world impacts your outer world.

[37:31] What one of Michael’s most influential teachers has taught him about awareness.

[38:07] What was Michael’s happiness and satisfaction level when he practiced law and when he owned a mortgage company?

[39:37] Tierney shares how yoga has helped her both physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in her own journey as well.

[41:02] The magic of impacting others in the journey that you yourself are going through.

[42:09] Why everybody’s pain is everybody’s pain. It’s not a comparison game.

[43:34] The power of letting go of regrets and becoming more present.

[44:52] Tierney shares a powerful lesson she learned from the experience she went through that she would like to impart to others.

[46:25] Michael’s path to becoming a Yoga Instructor.

[46:48] Has Tierney noticed how life is actually working with you through the experiences of what she has been through?

[47:47] Where to find both of Howard’s book, I AM and Time in a Bottle.

[48:44] Michael shares the revelations he learned in his experience that he would like to impart on others (without having to go through a tragedy themselves).

[58:10] Howard shares some of what he loves about Michael.

[58:52] Michael shares how Howard has helped and inspired him.

[1:00:19] Tierney shares some of her key takeaways from Michael’s story.

[1:01:30] Why your emotions are the treasure that leads to everlasting peace.

[1:04:49] Howard and Tierney thank Michael for joining the podcast, and Michael shares where to find him online!


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Michael Fine’s Instagram @OneArmedYogi

Michael Fine’s Facebook

Michael Fine’s Email:

Time in a Bottle: Mastering The Experience of Life, by Howard Falco


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