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THE GURU With Howard Falco

Nov 24, 2020

Howard is honored today to have the opportunity to sit down and speak with a former PGA Tour player and one of the best golf instructors in the country, Boyd Summerhays!

As soon as Boyd could walk, he had a golf club in his hands. However, that’s no surprise considering the strong golfing lineage in his family! His grandfather, Pres Summerhays, was the head golf coach at the University of Utah. His father, Lynn, played collegiate golf and served as President of the Utah Junior Golf Association and the USGA Committee for several years. On top of this, his uncle, son, daughter, and younger brother all have their own accolades in golf as well.

As a junior golfer, Boyd won over 75 junior and high school tournaments, numerous national junior events, and three Junior World Championships. He was also a four-time American Junior Golf Association (AJGA) High School All-American, and, at age 16, was ranked No. 1 in the country, earning the title of Golfweek/Titleist Junior National Player of the Year. In his 11-year professional career, he has won over 20 events. He earned his PGA Tour card in 2003, and from ‘04-06, competed in 29 PGA Tour events. He has played on the Korn Ferry Tour, PGA Tour Canada, and several other professional tours. At age 32, he took the lessons he learned and the knowledge he gained from his 25 years of experience in competitive golf and began teaching the game to others. Seeing the progress and success of his students soon became his new passion, and now, for the last 6 years, he has spent his time coaching his two top-ranked children and professionals on the PGA Tour including star student Tony Finau.

In this episode, Howard interviews Boyd about the wisdom he has learned on and off the golf course. From what he believes to be the strongest mental attribute of a top performer or champion at any level, to how he has dealt with struggles and setbacks in his career, what his own children have taught him about success and the game, and beyond. Howard also picks Boyd’s brain on the key characteristics that he’s witnessed both in himself as a great young player and in those that he’s worked with.


Key Takeaways

[:48] About today’s episode!

[3:05] Howard welcomes Boyd to the podcast.

[3:22] Boyd shares what he believes to be the strongest mental attribute of a top performer or champion at any level.

[5:50] How Boyd first got started in golf, his family’s lineage in golf, and how it was nurtured into him when he was younger.

[7:28] When Boyd was younger, did he ever feel any obligation to play golf or did it always come naturally to him?

[10:36] Why you need the work ethic, passion, and natural love for the sport to survive the inevitable downs in your career.

[13:54] Why challenging yourself (while maintaining your passion) is critical to your success.

[14:55] The power of positive feedback and motivation should not be underestimated! Here’s how Boyd coaches his own children in improving their game while maintaining their motivation.

[18:25] How Boyd has dealt with struggles and setbacks in his career, and his advice on how you can let the challenges in your career fuel you rather than tear you down.

[24:56] Boyd shares his experience coaching top player, Tony Finau, and what he has learned in coaching him and watching him in his success.

[28:53] About Howard’s books, I AM and Time in a Bottle.

[29:49] Boyd shares what Tony Finau learned from playing with Tiger Woods at The Masters.

[36:29] What Boyd’s own children have taught him about success and the game.

[46:22] Profound messages and lessons from golf about life.

[47:44] About Howard’s private coaching sessions for those serious about positively changing their life.

[48:30] Boyd’s top 10 list of what every young player, who wants to be successful at golf at a high level, should be keeping top of mind.

[56:57] Howard congratulates Boyd on all of his success thus far.

[1:00:25] Boyd summarizes his philosophy and approach to life (and golf).

[1:01:35] Boyd thanks Howard for his work with top players.


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I AM: The Power of Discovering Who You Really Are, by Howard Falco

Time in a Bottle: Mastering The Experience of Life, by Howard Falco


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Howard Falco is an author and expert on self-empowerment and mindfulness. He is a mental strength coach to college and professional athletes and those looking for next-level results. His books are: I AM: The Power of Discovering Who You Really Are and Time in a Bottle: Mastering The Experience of Life. His work offers the deepest and most powerful awareness available on self-creation and the mindset for optimal success.


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