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THE GURU With Howard Falco

Sep 8, 2020

Today on the podcast, Howard is honored to be joined by friend and former MLB All-Star Rich Aurilia.

Rich was originally drafted by the Texas Rangers in the 1992 MLB draft as a shortstop. He played his first Major League game in 1995 for the San Francisco Giants and ended up playing for them for 9 years. 2001 was a career year for Rich; he collected a National League best 206 hits and a career high 37 home runs and 97 RBIs. He batted .324 that year, collected a Silver Slugger Award, and made the All-Star game. In 2002, he was nominated for the classy Roberto Clemente Award. After 9 years with the Giants, Rich played with the Seattle Mariners, the San Diego Padres, the Cincinnati Reds, and finally, landed back with the Giants to close out his career from 2007-2009. In 2010 Rich was Inducted on the coveted Giants wall of fame.

In this episode, Howard and Rich dig deep into what has given Rich an edge in his career both physically and — more importantly — mentally. Rich shares what enabled him to get to the major league level as well as what motivated him to sustain top level performance. He also shares why he had the best year in his career and why athletes need to know how to relax to perform at their best.


Key Takeaways

[:49] About today’s podcast with Rich Aurilia.

[2:22] Howard welcomes Rich Aurilia to the podcast!

[3:03] Rich shares what drove him to be the best that he could be when he was younger.

[5:45] When Rich was young, did he always dream of playing Major League Baseball?

[6:49] Rich speaks about the important role your mentality plays in achieving next level performance and shares an important lesson he learned in high school.

[12:12] The double-edged sword of being hard on yourself.

[16:05] Thoughts on baseball being a team sport vs. an individual action.

[21:00] A baseball scout’s negative comments and how they motivated Rich.

[23:20] A key piece of advice a veteran gave Rich on what was working against him and how Rich responded.

[30:25] Rich shares the difference in mental game prep between the rookies vs. the veteran players.

[37:35] One of the most challenging moments in Rich’s career.

[46:40] Rich offers a key idea of how to mentally handle times when performace is off.

[49:05] About Howard’s private coaching sessions for those serious about positively changing their life.

[49:45] Howard asks what mental lessons did Rich pick up throughout his career from other great players?

[54:50] Rich shares his thoughts and the insight he picked up from playing with mega-star Barry Bonds.

[1:02:35] What have been some of the major differences and changes in MLB now vs. when Rich played?

[1:08:00] Rich remembers the last game he played and what it’s all been about for him.

[1:09:35] What advice does Rich have for younger baseball players?

[1:10:25] What does life look like for Rich right now?


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Howard Falco is an author and expert on self-empowerment and mindfulness. He is a mental strength coach to college and professional athletes and those looking for next-level results. His books are: I AM: The Power of Discovering Who You Really Are and Time in a Bottle: Mastering The Experience of Life. His work offers the deepest and most powerful awareness available on self-creation and the mindset for optimal success.


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